Album Review: The Suffers, “Everything Here”

If you don't know The Suffers yet, be warned—the days when you can say "I knew them before they were big" are numbered.  The second album of the eight-member "Gulf Coast Soul" band, Everything Here, leaves little doubt that they are the best group to come out of Houston in recent memory.  Not only that, they … Continue reading Album Review: The Suffers, “Everything Here”

Time to Resurrect the Houston Oilers

On the heels of a disastrous 2017 season, the Houston Texans are at a crossroads in more ways than one.  The team is reportedly negotiating a contract extension with coach Bill O'Brien, despite a 4–12 season and a 31–33 career record.  Brian Gaine, the former vice president of player personnel for the Buffalo Bills, appears … Continue reading Time to Resurrect the Houston Oilers

“Sprawl” is Not a Four-Letter Word

Some words are hard to say without an involuntary sneer:  Cockroach.  Moist.  Dallas. Given its modern pejorative usage, the word sprawl certainly belongs on this list.  It conjures up images of massive freeways, unsightly strip malls, and low, spaced out single-family homes.  When people describe Houston as the epitome of sprawl, they are using the term … Continue reading “Sprawl” is Not a Four-Letter Word

Texas High-Speed Rail Chugs Along

Texas Central Railway has reached a major milestone in its quest to connect Houston and Dallas with an all-electric, privately funded high-speed rail line.  After four years of analysis, the Federal Railroad Administration ("FRA") just released its Draft Environmental Impact Statement (the "DEIS"), a document required by the National Environmental Policy Act any time a project or … Continue reading Texas High-Speed Rail Chugs Along

The Inner-Inner Loop

Earlier this month, Downtown officials and partner organizations released a comprehensive plan for the continual revitalization of Houston's urban core.  "Plan Downtown" provides a road map for improving the city center over the next twenty years and projects a bold vision for what Downtown could look like when the Bayou City celebrates its bicentennial on August … Continue reading The Inner-Inner Loop