One of the many things Hurricane Harvey revealed about Houston is how little the country knows about its fourth largest city. Apart from obvious word associations like “oil,” “NASA,” and “Beyoncé,” few outsiders have more than a vague notion of what distinguishes the Bayou City from any other. The temptation is to equate this unfamiliarity with something lacking—be it character or charisma, identity or individuality.

But like every city, Houston is unique and interesting because, at the very least, it is filled with unique and interesting people, inhabiting a unique and interesting corner of the world.

The purpose of this blog is to examine and draw together the distinct qualities that give Houston its singular identity.  It will traverse an eclectic patchwork of topics befitting an eclectic patchwork of a city—history, culture, current events, quirks, and everything in between.  It will also keep close tabs on ideas, proposals, and initiatives aimed at making the city a more dynamic place to live and visit.

Whether you’ve rooted for the Astros since they were the Colt .45s or you’re still trying to figure out what a bayou actually is, you are a Houstonian—come hell or high water—and this blog is for you.