“Sprawl” is Not a Four-Letter Word

Some words are hard to say without an involuntary sneer:  Cockroach.  Moist.  Dallas. Given its modern pejorative usage, the word sprawl certainly belongs on this list.  It conjures up images of massive freeways, unsightly strip malls, and low, spaced out single-family homes.  When people describe Houston as the epitome of sprawl, they are using the term … Continue reading “Sprawl” is Not a Four-Letter Word

Texas High-Speed Rail Chugs Along

Texas Central Railway has reached a major milestone in its quest to connect Houston and Dallas with an all-electric, privately funded high-speed rail line.  After four years of analysis, the Federal Railroad Administration ("FRA") just released its Draft Environmental Impact Statement (the "DEIS"), a document required by the National Environmental Policy Act any time a project or … Continue reading Texas High-Speed Rail Chugs Along

The Inner-Inner Loop

Earlier this month, Downtown officials and partner organizations released a comprehensive plan for the continual revitalization of Houston's urban core.  "Plan Downtown" provides a road map for improving the city center over the next twenty years and projects a bold vision for what Downtown could look like when the Bayou City celebrates its bicentennial on August … Continue reading The Inner-Inner Loop